Exposition of Failures

How to Accelerate Business App Development

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Short post about business app development.

The demand for mobile apps has rocketed in recent years. Business apps that integrate with existing IT infrastructures or provide new applications can help management teams and employees run their operations more effectively, better engage customers, and boost growth.

But while app development may be high on the priority list, the process of developing and delivering apps to meet demand can be challenging.

How to build a fast static website using Hugo and AWS

A tutorial how to create a really fast static website with Hugo and AWS.

It’s quite rare nowadays, but time to time I am entering sites which loads extremely fast. It feels like I have just switched tabs in my browser, but in reality, I have fully loaded a completely new website in such speed that I don’t even notice the load time.

Ok. I wanted to build one too.

So that’s what I have done…


I go by the name of Hitchnsmile. With some “distraction periods”, I have been having fun with terminal since 1999.

This site is meant to be my Exposition of Failures while growing as a programmer.